SFC License Approval

Mulana Investment Management Achieves Milestone with SFC License Approval

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We are thrilled to announce that Mulana Investment Management Limited has been granted licenses by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) in Hong Kong. As of November 24, 2023, we are now authorized to conduct regulated activities under license types 1, 4, and 9, with a strategic focus on virtualassets services.Our commitment to delivering exceptional services to qualified and professional investors remains unwavering. With a primary emphasis on virtual assets, we are dedicated to navigating this dynamic landscape with compliance, trustworthiness, and a well-informed approach.

Key Highlights of Our Licensing Approval:

  • Type 9 License: Enables us to launch 100%virtualassets assets funds, positioning us as pioneers in this rapidly evolving sector.
  • Type 4 License: Grants us the authority to provide investment research and advice for virtual assets, fostering informed decision-making for our clients.
  • Type 1 License: Empowers us to distribute thirdparty virtualassets funds and offer introductory broherage services for virtual assets.

Building a Talent Hub for Virtual Assets Investment:

Recognizing the scarcity of professionals versed in both traditional and virtual assets investment, Mulana IM aspires to become a talent hub. We aim to attract and nurture individual researchers and solo portfoliomanagers focusing on virtual assets, empowering them to thrive within the relevant regulatory framework while ensuring complianceand building trust.

Qingwen Ren, Senior Director, shares her perspective:

"We seek to expand investment choices by distributing high-quality overseas virtual assets funds that meet our stringent due diligence standards. With a relatively small current allocation to virtual assets, we anticipate significant growth. Our commitment extends to collaborating with industry peers to educate investors, raising awareness about blockchain technology and virtual assets as a new asset class. Together, we aim to contribute to Hong Kong's emergence as the world's leading virtual assets center."